What I do every day at LeadingReach

Just like the Terminator, I'm on a mission to eliminate the (fax) machine! Seriously though, I'm tasked with connecting the Healthcare world to each other by improving communications and simplifying the transition of care via the LeadingReach Network.

Why I work at LeadingReach

Because Healthcare is complicated and frustrating for everyone involved and it really doesn't have to be. I love being a part of something aiming to fix communication breakdowns between patients, doctors, and really anyone else involved.

What I do off the clock

I spend most of my free time helping Americans fall in love with Rugby.

My desert island playlist

Al Green
The Eagles
Phil Collins
The Temptations

A random fact about me

I have a near photographic memory of where things were last placed. (unless my family has moved them)

My favorite quote

Success is when preparation meets opportunity.