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The Impact Of Data Deficits In Referral Management For Physician Groups

Poor communication is the root of the problem for the traditional referral system. Studies show that up to 45% of referrals resulted in no communication from the specialist back to the referring provider. And approximately one-quarter of U.S. patients reported that the results and records from one provider did not reach another provider in time for their appointment. Additionally, poor referral tracking lead to a host of problems, including delays in care, low patient satisfaction, and even malpractice lawsuits. Ultimately, this lack of modern care coordination means a countless number of patients fall through the cracks every day.

In response to facing similar challenges, COPC launched a central referral center in June of 2020 to manage referrals for the COPC practices. The office, overseen by Ed Helvig, Patient Access Manager for COPC, was dedicated to “timely processing of each referral,” Helvig said. “Getting the referral to the specialist and ensuring the patient has a scheduled appointment.” But soon after the referral center formation, COPC discovered the obstacles to meeting those goals.

“The traditional referral process is broken,” Helvig said. “It’s definitely true in our geographic area, and it’s likely true nationwide. You just don’t have the communication piece that allows a PCP to reach out to the specialist without having to pick up the phone to confirm they actually received our fax.”

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of data-driven referral management for large value-based healthcare organizations
  • How visibility and accountability in the referral process can drastically reduce the time it takes a patient to be seen
  • How to strengthen practice-to-practice relationships by delivering provider scorecards highlighting success and improvement areas

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