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Solving Social Determinants of Health Challenges with Collaborative Care Coordination

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Read how a South Texas IPA Utilizes Care Coordination Technology to Manage Widespread Health Conditions in the Lower Rio Grande Valley

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Rural Areas Often Hit Harder From Social Determinants of Healthcare (SDOH)

“We know that a range of factors can impact people’s ability to successfully prevent type 2 diabetes and manage diabetes,” according to Ann Albright, Ph.D., director of the CDC’s Division of Diabetes Translation. “The impact of poverty, education, geography, access to care and healthy food, transportation, and many other factors continue to have a profound effect on diabetes and other chronic conditions in the U.S.”

These negative factors are even more profoundly experienced in rural areas. Rural U.S. residents tend to have worse health conditions, with higher rates of diabetes, obesity, and hypertension, and are more likely to be smokers. They also have less accessibility to healthcare than urban residents. More than half of rural residents nationwide live in an area with a shortage of healthcare professionals, where the ratio of primary care doctors to patients exceeds 1:3,500 (the national average is approximately 1:2,300). This predictably leads to gaps in routine care. And the care coordination problem is getting worse. Roughly 120 rural hospitals have closed since 2010, and nearly a quarter of rural hospitals are currently vulnerable to closure.

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In this whitepaper on collaborative care coordination, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of connecting beyond the traditional medical community to manage SDOH
  • How visibility and accountability in the referral process can drastically reduce the time it takes to see a patient
  • How proactive and collaborative care planning can reduce readmissions by a significant percentage

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