Our Mission

Our mission is to disrupt the healthcare industry by designing high value, low cost, easy-to-use software solutions. We empower healthcare employees to do their jobs better through improved communication and care coordination. We empower patients with a better experience and access to happier, healthier lives. We deliver healthcare happiness!

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Our Story

LeadingReach was founded on the fundamental belief that we are all patients and communication in healthcare is challenging for everyone involved. This is true for patients throughout the healthcare lifecycle as well as for providers during the critical transitions of care where collaboration and teamwork are necessary to deliver proper care to their patients.

Our ultimate goal is to eliminate the fax machine and inefficient processes that lead to frustration, unnecessary and inflated costs, poor experiences, and subpar outcomes. Our mantra is to deliver healthcare happiness by listening closely to our customers and designing easy-to-use solutions that empower healthcare teams to communicate more effectively.

By implementing LeadingReach, our customers have provided their employees with a comprehensive solution for managing patients throughout their journey and a mechanism for demanding accountability during transitions of care.

Now impacting millions of lives per year, as well as the healthcare providers that serve them, we are hopeful that we are doing our part to improve the quality of healthcare, reduce unnecessary costs, improve communication and the patient experience, help providers drive better outcomes, and ultimately deliver happiness to everyone involved.

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Our Philosophy on Teamwork

An F1 pit stop requires 16+ people (including three per wheel, one each for the front and rear jacks, an extra man with the engine start gear, and the lollipop man holding the driver in the pit) perform a highly orchestrated ballet of sorts. It’s a very short ballet, usually lasting less than four seconds, which allows the team to change all four tires and make slight wing adjustments. This teamwork helps the driver get into and out of the pits ready to go back out onto the track and challenge for victory.

In essence, this is how we see a company operating cross functionally from department to department. Our teams understand and value the importance of each individual’s contribution towards achieving a common goal.

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