Connect Your Network

Digitally connect to any entity involved in coordinating care with your clients. From the employers to the surgery centers and everyone in between, LeadingReach can provide a customizable platform for tracking the progress of each patient and exchanging key documentation with all relevant stakeholders.

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Track Patients & Coordinate Care with Providers

Build customizable workflows to support your specific needs and easily track where patients are in the process. Digital communication and status updates provide accountability for all stakeholders.


eliminate gaps
“The ease of using LeadingReach and the ability to connect with so many different providers has made our program and our jobs more efficient than we could have ever imagined.”

Tracy Creger, Director of Provider Strategies at ResourceOne

HIPAA-Secure Chat and File Transfer

Real-time chat allows for simplified communication and eliminates unnecessary emails, phone calls, and faxes. Collaborate and share critical documentation across all parties during the patient journey. 

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Minimize Plan Spend

Support organizational goals by ensuring adherence to designated care plans. Guarantee patients are seen at the appropriate setting of care.

eliminate referral leakage

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