Facilitate a Better Care Plan

High quality, low cost healthcare starts with a collaborative care plan. Coordinating with the patient’s entire care team gives each provider the insight needed to ensure the patient gets the care they deserve in a timely manner.

team chat

Improve Staff Efficiency

Eliminate the need for unnecessary fax and phone calls chasing down additional information. See the entire timeline of care to know when to engage or hand off to another provider.

team accountability

Make More Informed Decisions

Being informed of all aspects of the patients care gives providers the opportunity to make the right decision on what should happen next. By tracking progress at each stop in the patient’s journey providers can eliminate redundant diagnostics or unnecessary appointments.


Reduce Unnecessary Costs

Save time and money by communicating with providers prior to a transition of care to avoid unnecessary referrals. Up to 40% of specialty referrals are deemed unnecessary resulting in inflated healthcare costs.

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