In a case study with the largest physician owned primary care group in the U.S., LeadingReach showcases how leveraging referral data and analytics amplifies provider and patient outcomes

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LeadingReach, healthcare’s connected network, today announced the publication of its case study, “Empowerment Through Data: How the Largest Physician Owned Primary Care Group in the U.S. Uses Referral Data to Better Serve Its Patient Population,” examining how Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC), the largest physician-owned primary care practice in the U.S., leveraged LeadingReach’s care coordination technology and advanced analytics to maximize its revenue and patient care capacity and quality.

The case study showcases how LeadingReach helped COPC successfully connect its network of nearly 2,000 providers digitally to create a streamlined referral process that allowed provider offices to keep each other and patients up to date on referral and appointment status, closing the loop of care. The first 10 months of the project yielded impressive results, including:

  • 90% of referrals digitized
  • 6x as many referrals processed with no additional staff hired
  • 100% increase in appointments for referred patients
  • 53% cut to the median days patients waited between their referrals to the date of their appointments
  • 5 – 90 minutes of care coordinator/administrative staff time saved per referral

“We’re pleased with how LeadingReach’s technology has allowed us to greatly enhance our care coordination efforts and results, approaching care from a holistic perspective,” said Ed Helvig, Patient Access Manager for COPC. “With these collaborative tools, we extend our influence beyond our offices to ensure our patients are getting timely specialty care and that those specialists have the information needed to provide quality care. In the process we’ve also maximized our own capacity and cost savings, and subsequently amplified our ability to serve the central Ohio community.”

In addition to these compelling results for COPC patients, the case study highlights how access to actionable insights via advanced data visualization can strengthen relationships between all members of the extended patient care team. These extensive reporting and analytics tools support COPC’s value-based care initiatives.

“Healthcare is out of excuses,” said Curtis Gattis, CEO and co-founder of LeadingReach. “Patients deserve better than ‘we never received that paperwork,’ and we are heartened by organizations like COPC that are changing that status quo. They are innovating in ways that not only benefit patients with timely, quality care, but also saving money and increasing capacity in the process.”

To learn more about COPC’s specific care coordination strategies, network analytics, and how LeadingReach’s technology supports these initiatives, read the case study here.

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