LeadingReach’s technology improves communication and care coordination for agilon’s physician partner groups

LeadingReach first worked with Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC) in Columbus and has now expanded to include Pioneer Physicians Network in Akron – representing more than 300 independent primary care providers in total. LeadingReach technology already connects thousands of specialty physicians in the area, along with Ohio’s major health systems, to create the most connected healthcare ecosystem in the Midwest. LeadingReach will now connect agilon health’s Ohio primary care physicians to the existing 30,000 healthcare organizations already on the LeadingReach network.

“We are thrilled to partner with agilon health to help their partner physicians connect and communicate more easily than ever before while also improving their ability to transition care to the appropriate setting as quickly as possible,” said Curtis Gattis, co-founder and CEO of LeadingReach.

“Being able to close the loop on patient referrals quickly and efficiently results in better patient experience and healthier outcomes,” said Dr. William Wulf, CEO of COPC. “LeadingReach has given us greater visibility and enabled more effective communication with specialist physicians. Leveraging LeadingReach’s capabilities has been tremendously beneficial in improving care coordination.”

Patients are uniquely vulnerable during care transitions. In some cases, researchers report that poor transitions can result in significant readmission rates, poor health outcomes and an increase in medical errors, especially around medications. LeadingReach ensures an accountable handoff to specialists by tracking how long it takes to acknowledge receipt of referrals, the percentage of patients that get scheduled, missed appointments and confirmations that patients received the care they were referred for. LeadingReach also improves efficiency for agilon health’s physician partners by improving communication and care coordination between provider offices, which streamlines workflows and eliminates unnecessary faxes and phone calls.

“Anyone who has experienced health care in our country knows how fragmented the experience can be. We are excited about the opportunity to expand our work with LeadingReach to make sure our patients get seamless care, are able to have warm handoffs to the best specialty care providers in their communities and have exceptional care and outcomes,” said Dr. Ben Kornitzer, agilon’s chief medical officer. “This is at the heart of what we believe better care looks like.”

About LeadingReach

LeadingReach, founded in 2014 in Austin, Texas, helps care teams communicate more effectively with each other while monitoring and facilitating care transitions. Working with large U.S. health systems as well as independent offices for PCPs, urgent care, specialists, ancillary services, TPAs, call centers, and dental providers, LeadingReach’s software solutions empower healthcare professionals to ensure patients get the right care from the right providers faster, easier, and more efficiently than ever before. Learn more at https://www.leadingreach.com.

About agilon health

agilon health is transforming health care for seniors by empowering primary-care physicians to focus on the entire health of their patients. Through our partnerships and our platform, agilon is leading the nation in creating the system we need – one built on the value of care, not the volume of fees. We honor the independence of local physicians and serve as their partners so they can be the doctors they trained to be. Based in Long Beach, Calif., agilon provides the capital, data, payor relationships, executive experience and contract support that allow physician groups to take on the risk of total care for their most vulnerable patients. The result: healthier communities, and doctors who can devote the right amount of time with the patients who need it most. www.agilonhealth.com