With the latest developments in the global spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), no one is feeling the burden of this pandemic more than those working in healthcare. We want to take a brief moment to say thank you to all our amazing colleagues in healthcare for their commitment to serving their communities and helping people stay safe and informed during this extraordinary time. While many industries have had serious disruptions to their business and shifted operations to a virtual presence, those in healthcare have stayed on the front lines of this fight to reduce the spread of the virus and ensure care for those most in need. 

Our mission here at LeadingReach is and always will be centered around helping healthcare providers deliver the best quality care to patients through excellent care coordination and communication between providers. LeadingReach remains dedicated to ensuring all patients get the care they need in a timely manner, and we are standing by to help our healthcare workers do just that.

The LeadingReach platform remains unaffected; available online and accessible 24 hours a day with the same responsive support team. As a team, we are constantly looking at ways we can help support the efforts of healthcare providers during this time of need. We are currently launching numerous initiatives to help our users navigate these challenging times, from improving patient communication and education to assisting in coordinating drive through testing and closing the loop on diagnostic results. If there are other ways you feel LeadingReach may be able to help your care community,  please let us know as we navigate this crisis together.

Some of the measures we have taken recently as a company are detailed below.  

  • The LeadingReach team has adopted a work from home policy in effort to protect our employees, their families and our communities as well as to comply with social distancing recommendations from the CDC. We will maintain this policy until the threat of the virus has passed, or has reduced substantially. Our office is set up to handle all business related activities virtually. Our customer support team, as always, is ready to address and resolve customer issues working remotely. All your usual channels to reach us — phone, web, and chat — will remain open.
  • We are suspending all non-critical business travel and events. Our goal is to reduce the risk that anyone at LeadingReach might contract or inadvertently spread the virus. It is important that we take these steps to protect ourselves and others and minimize the spread of COVID-19. All previously scheduled In person meetings will be rescheduled virtually. 
  • All new user access requests will be expedited with the highest priority. We understand the volume of referrals and communications may require additional staff to have access to your LeadingReach account. We will work quickly to ensure these requests are completed swiftly. As new users come on board, we suggest a review of our knowledge base as a way to quickly get them comfortable using LeadingReach.  

During this crisis and as each day passes, the needs of our community will change dramatically, but our commitment to the health and safety of patients all across the country is unwavering. Our commitment to our partners in healthcare will be to do everything we can to support their efforts in delivering the highest quality care in the most appropriate setting as quickly as possible. 

In times of trial and uncertainty like we’re experiencing now, the best thing we can do is come together as a society and each do our part to help fight the spread of this deadly disease. We encourage everyone to be patient, positive, and flexible. Listen to public health experts. Take care of yourselves and your families. Remember that everyone is doing their best under very trying circumstances. We are all in this together.