A Better Way to Manage Faxed Referrals

Leverage automation for increased scheduled patient appointments and valuable time savings for you and your staff. Cut out manual processes with a seamless integration for more efficient and effective patient care transitions.

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Insights-Driven Decision Making

Eliminate gaps in patient care with real-time visibility into your referral management efforts. Analyze referral data and glean critical insights on key performance metrics like Referral-to-Appointment conversion rates.

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Real-Time Operational Gains

Time saved is time earned. With up to a 50% reduction in time spent on faxed referrals, improve your staff’s productivity levels by removing barriers to inefficient, manual processes.

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Perfectly Coordinated Patient Care

Eliminate manual entry and referral leakage due to missed referrals. Increase Referral-to-Appointment conversion rates by as much as 25% and analyze referral trends with comprehensive reporting from LeadingReach Analytics.

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