Digital healthcare network enables 17 million digital care communications to date, across more than 27,000 healthcare organizations committed to reducing cost and improving care coordination

Austin, TX, November 20, 2019 — With a unique approach to addressing some of healthcare’s biggest challenges, Austin, TX based LeadingReach has built the largest healthcare communication network in the United States. Founded in 2014, LeadingReach has bootstrapped its way to success and proven out its solutions to critical industry challenges such as interoperability and care coordination in the era of value-based care.

LeadingReach combines a rapidly growing provider network with healthcare specific CRM tools, secure team-based chat and HIPAA secure document exchange, which empowers care coordination teams to track patient journeys, communicate more effectively and digitally close the loop on any transition of care, regardless of EHR or existing IT infrastructure.  Today, the company works in lock step with leading provider organizations to ensure features and capabilities meet care team needs with usable and cost-effective solutions that reduce administrative burden and improve quality of care.

“What began as a conversation with Nurse Navigators for improving communication with surgical patients has transformed into a new way of looking at healthcare’s interoperability challenges. Borrowing architecture and methodology from social media giants like LinkedIn, we have built a free network that functions as an information superhighway for care delivery,” said Curtis Gattis, CEO and co-founder of LeadingReach.  “In an industry known for inflated costs and over-engineered solutions, it is increasingly clear that EHRs are simply not equipped to solve healthcare’s interoperability and care coordination challenges. As value-based care models take center stage, LeadingReach empowers primary care providers (PCPs) with the visibility needed to shepherd their patient’s health journey and ensure the highest quality of care with In-Network providers.  We have enabled tens of millions of digital conversations on our network to date, which equates to over 60 years’ worth of gains in productivity. We are effectively eliminating the need for cumbersome, outdated processes, such as phone tag and paper-based communication.”

In healthcare, care coordination and the patient referral process remains one of the industry’s most outdated workflows, with fax machines still accounting for around 75% of all medical communication. With little to no visibility into this paper-based process – specialists are not aware they’re missing patient referrals. Additionally, PCPs have no way of knowing whether or not their referral has resulted in an appointment with a specialist. The consequence of this fragmented system is that an average of 50% of patients do not follow through to book an appointment for the care they need, a particularly critical flaw as the industry moves toward value-based care models.

LeadingReach solves this problem by empowering PCPs to act as healthcare stewards, allowing them to effectively coordinate with external care teams to ensure patients receive necessary treatment in the most appropriate setting. According to Texas-based URAC certified Clinically Integrated Network Catalyst Health Network President, Christopher Crow, M.D.: “It was clear when we began working with LeadingReach in 2015 that the team thinks differently about healthcare and how to enable value-based delivery models. The answer to solving interoperability isn’t multimillion-dollar system implementations, integrations or propriety decision support algorithms. Instead, Catalyst and LeadingReach have worked together to prove that the right communication tools can empower healthcare teams to help their patients get the care they need and make better decisions about their health.”

Providing care to more than one million patients, Catalyst Health Network is a clinically integrated network of 650 independent primary care providers and 85 care team members spread across 220 office locations. In first three years working together, LeadingReach helped Catalyst to save more than $50 million dollars across its five health systems and 6,000 specialty providers. Catalyst also achieved URAC Clinical Integration Accreditation in 2017 and was recognized as the United Healthcare ACO Relationship of the year in 2018.  In addition to managing care transitions, Catalyst has also worked with LeadingReach to develop value-added solutions on top of the LeadingReach platform such as Medical Management programs, Care Pathways and Narrow Network compliance for downstream procedures.

About LeadingReach

Ranging from the largest health systems in the country  to independent offices for PCP’s, urgent care, specialists, ancillary services, TPAs, call centers, and dental providers, LeadingReach helps care teams more effectively communicate with each other while monitoring and facilitating care transitions. The company’s low cost, high value software solutions empower healthcare professionals to ensure patients get the right care, from the right providers, faster, easier and more cost effectively than ever before.

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