South Texas Physicians Alliance created a successful disease management program leveraging LeadingReach care coordination technology to connect an expansive network of support for its chronically ill patient populations

LeadingReach, Healthcare’s Communication Network, today announced the publication of its case study, “Solving Social Determinants of Health Challenges with Collaborative Care Coordination,” examining how South Texas Physicians Alliance (STPA), a large independent physician association in southern Texas, leveraged LeadingReach’s care coordination technology to manage widespread chronic health conditions in the lower Rio Grande Valley.

The case study’s key findings show that as STPA bolstered the network of support around its under-resourced, chronically ill patients, STPA’s patient outcomes improved. Specifically, in its diabetes management and heart failure reduction programs, increasing accountability between referring providers ensured patients received care faster, reducing hospital readmissions and other negative health outcomes. Connecting a more inclusive range of support, including social services, dieticians, and skilled nursing facilities within the network also improved health outcomes.

“Our patients need more from us than just a few minutes’ attention in the exam room,” said Dr. Sheila Magoon, executive director of STPA. “They need their providers and a broader community support system to connect the dots and make sure they’re seeing the entirety of their healthcare journey through. It’s our responsibility as clinicians to walk beside our patients, especially the under-resourced ones, and make sure they leave us better off than before.”

STPA’s top priority was addressing societal, economic and cultural factors that underpinned negative health outcomes for its patient population as it encompasses one of the nation’s poorest geographic areas in the nation where chronic disease is deeply tied to social determinants of health. Given these constraints, LeadingReach’s nimble, customizable technology was the missing piece to its overall care coordination mission.

“We are moved by the success Dr. Magoon has achieved for the people of South Texas,” said Curtis Gattis, CEO and co-founder of LeadingReach. “With chronic illness on the rise across this nation, now is the time for provider organizations to follow STPA’s example and proactively forge an inclusive, expansive network of support to have a powerful impact on their patient population’s overall health outcomes.”

To learn more about STPA’s specific care coordination strategies and how LeadingReach’s technology supported the practice, read the case study here.

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