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“Our partnership with LeadingReach is one piece of a larger effort to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our referral processes and improve coordination of care overall. In addition to using the LeadingReach platform, we are also gaining clinical decision support tools, automating manual work and improving operability among our internal systems. All of this will improve care for our patients and will assist us in creating a Network of Excellence—a connected, coordinated and compassionate network of high-performing providers and facilities that create the greatest value for our patients.”

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What is LeadingReach?

LeadingReach is a HIPAA-secure, web-based platform that combines the largest connected provider community in healthcare with clinical workflow management tools, secure team-based chat, and document exchange. This empowers care coordination teams to track patient journeys, communicate more effectively, and increase overall network utilization regardless of EHR.

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Organize All Your Referrals Under One View

Track, manage and filter all your sent referrals under one easy to use view. Keep track of which referrals have been accepted and scheduled for appointments with the referred to provider closing the loop on the patient’s transition of care.

Outgoing Referrals

Securely Communicate with Office to Office Messaging

Eliminate the need for unnecessary fax and phone calls back and forth providing additional patient information. Easily send and receive HIPAA-secure messages and file attachments with referred to offices to improve care coordination and the patient experience.

Referral Conversation

Some FAQs

LeadingReach offers flexible plans (including a free version) to accommodate the needs of any healthcare organization. For more information and to sign up visit: https://leadingreach.com/enrollment

LeadingReach will have no impact on the physician work process. It will create efficiencies for your staff and it will extend our collective ability to create an enhanced coordination of care. This web-based tool will connect all of our referral partners in an online setting, eliminating the need to manually print and fax referral orders and will help ensure better coordination of care for PT Solutions patients.

It’s best to schedule a quick overview where we can go into more details about the partnership with you 1-on-1.

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You can also email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-866-656-4410 for more info.