What I do every day at LeadingReach

I perform a wide variety of duties for LeadingReach; everyday is a little bit different than the day before. The majority of my time is spent reviewing finances & compliance, managing our customer success team, HR team and the Office operations team, working with enterprise clients on agreements, researching and approving vendors as well as keeping everyone working at LeadingReach on track. I also work with any employee who needs assistance with anything they may need/problems they may have/solutions, etc. My door is always open!

Why I work at LeadingReach

I work at LeadingReach because I enjoy the people, respect the process and appreciate the mission. I also thrive in an environment that is constantly changing and moving towards multiple company objectives while incorporating our own personal goals. Work hard, play hard is the name of the game and I want to make sure that is always part of our culture.

What I do off the clock

Cook/bbq for friends; play with my dog Gordon; take trips with my boyfriend Chris; Work out

My desert island playlist

In alphabetical order:
Fleetwood Mac
Modest Mouse

A random fact about me

I won a $500 savings bond on Wheel of Fortune when I was 5 years old

My favorite quote

Do it or don’t, but do.

-- Johanna Nuding, Entrepreneur