What I do every day at LeadingReach

Manage our suite of products, ensure they meet the highest standards of quality, gather feedback from our customers, all while we tackle the biggest problems in healthcare. Just another day at the best company in Austin, Texas!

Why I work at LeadingReach

Because the status quo in care coordination is broken, and at LeadingReach, I get the opportunity to work with the brightest and most dedicated minds every day to fix it.

What I do off the clock

Brew beer, raise chickens, DIY projects and take advantage of all the live music this town has to offer.

My desert island playlist

David Bowie, Willie Nelson, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Fats Waller and Django Reinhardt

A random fact about me

I have a titanium plate, 4 screws and a bolt in my ankle after breaking my leg. I'd like to think that makes me 0.0015625 percent Terminator...

My favorite quote

"There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing." -Robert Burns