Manage All Referrals in a Single Dashboard

 Search and manage referrals in seconds while measuring key throughput metrics and referral to appointment ratios in real time


Customize Clinical Workflow and Process

Customize clinical workflows with referral tags and custom statuses to ensure patients are moving through the pipeline

Secure Communication with Referring Offices

Provide status updates, securely send files, and streamline communication with other offices during the referral process

Join over 40,000 other healthcare organizations on the LeadingReach Network


The trial includes full access to our best in class referral management solution LeadingReach PPM as well as OutReach CRM designed to help healthcare marketers to improve communication and boost referral revenue from their provider relationships.

Our Network Development team will work with you

No, on the contrary it will enhance it! Think of using LeadingReach as a way to digitize your process. Moving away from a manual or paper based referral management process will save you countless hours of back and forth communication, give you the piece of mind knowing where you last left off in the scheduling process, and provide you with the reporting necessary to identify bottlenecks in process and improve performance of key metrics like your referral-to-appointment ratio.

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