Project Timeline

LeadingReach continues its commitment to expanding Zephyr’s feature set to help WellMed primary care providers streamline their operational workflows.

Here’s a look at what’s already live, as well as a preview of what’s to come.

Some FAQs

Zephyr: In ePRG, there is an eTools drop down menu. From there, click the Zephyr Access Request Link.

LeadingReach: In Zephyr, click your username in the top right-hand corner and select User Settings. In the Integrations section, click the link to request your account and fill out the request form.

LeadingReach is a separate platform with its own, secure login portal. The Zephyr Bridge will create a “link” between the two platforms.

You will log into LeadingReach when creating a link between your Zephyr and LeadingReach accounts. Once linked, you will not be required to log in when sending referrals or launching LeadingReach from Zephyr.

Each person who plans to send or view referrals in Zephyr will need a unique LeadingReach login.

You can use the same email address to login into both applications, but you will need a separate login for each application as they are treated independently.

Zephyr is expanding its offering to include specialist referrals. ePRG will continue to house a number of tools for WellMed Contracted and Affiliated Providers.

LeadingReach is the software company behind Zephyr and is a development partner with WellMed.

Like Zephyr, LeadingReach will be provided at no cost to WellMed Contracted & Affiliated PCPs*

*The contract with WellMed will not supersede an existing contract that the PCP may already have in place with LeadingReach*

What is LeadingReach?

LeadingReach is a HIPAA-secure, web-based platform that combines the largest connected provider community in healthcare with clinical workflow management tools, secure team-based chat, and document exchange. This empowers care coordination teams to track patient journeys, communicate more effectively, and increase overall network utilization regardless of EHR.

what is lr diagram

Benefits for Participating Primary Care Providers

Enhanced Care Coordination

High quality healthcare starts with a collaborative care plan. Coordinating with the patient’s entire care team gives each provider the insight needed to ensure the patient gets the care they deserve in a timely manner.


Securely Communicate with Referring Offices

Send and receive HIPAA-secure messages and file attachments with referring offices to improve care coordination and the patient experience. “Close the care loop” by providing status updates and streamlining communication with offices and patients during the referral process.

Reduce Referral Leakage and Establish Your RTA

Manage all referrals in a single dashboard with LeadingReach to establish your practice’s outbound referral-to-appointment ratio. Gain valuable insight through real-time reports identifying referral trends, appointment leakage, and workflow throughput metrics.

Join over 40,000 other healthcare organizations on the LeadingReach Network

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